wiimote_t Struct Reference

Wiimote structure. More...


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Data Fields

WCONST int  unid
WCONST bdaddr_t  bdaddr
WCONST char  bdaddr_str [18]
WCONST int  out_sock
WCONST int  in_sock
WCONST int  state
WCONST byte  leds
WCONST float  battery_level
WCONST int  flags
WCONST byte  handshake_state
WCONST struct read_req_t read_req
WCONST struct accel_t  accel_calib
WCONST struct expansion_t  exp
WCONST struct vec3b_t  accel
WCONST struct orient_t  orient
WCONST struct gforce_t  gforce
WCONST struct ir_t  ir
WCONST unsigned short  btns
WCONST unsigned short  btns_held
WCONST unsigned short  btns_released
WCONST float  orient_threshold
WCONST int  accel_threshold
WCONST struct wiimote_state_t  lstate
WCONST byte  event_buf [MAX_PAYLOAD]

Detailed Description

Wiimote structure.

Field Documentation

WCONST int wiimote_t::unid

user specified id

WCONST bdaddr_t wiimote_t::bdaddr

bt address

WCONST char wiimote_t::bdaddr_str[18]

readable bt address

WCONST int wiimote_t::out_sock

output socket

WCONST int wiimote_t::in_sock

input socket

WCONST int wiimote_t::state

various state flags

WCONST byte wiimote_t::leds

currently lit leds

WCONST float wiimote_t::battery_level

battery level

WCONST int wiimote_t::flags

options flag

WCONST byte wiimote_t::handshake_state

the state of the connection handshake

WCONST struct read_req_t* wiimote_t::read_req [read]

list of data read requests

WCONST struct accel_t wiimote_t::accel_calib [read]

wiimote accelerometer calibration

WCONST struct expansion_t wiimote_t::exp [read]

wiimote expansion device

WCONST struct vec3b_t wiimote_t::accel [read]

current raw acceleration data

WCONST struct orient_t wiimote_t::orient [read]

current orientation on each axis

WCONST struct gforce_t wiimote_t::gforce [read]

current gravity forces on each axis

WCONST struct ir_t wiimote_t::ir [read]

IR data

WCONST unsigned short wiimote_t::btns

what buttons have just been pressed

WCONST unsigned short wiimote_t::btns_held

what buttons are being held down

WCONST unsigned short wiimote_t::btns_released

what buttons were just released this

WCONST float wiimote_t::orient_threshold

threshold for orient to generate an event

WCONST int wiimote_t::accel_threshold

threshold for accel to generate an event

WCONST struct wiimote_state_t wiimote_t::lstate [read]

last saved state


type of event that occured

WCONST byte wiimote_t::event_buf[MAX_PAYLOAD]

event buffer

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