read_req_t Struct Reference

Data read request structure. More...


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Data Fields

wiiuse_read_cb  cb
byte *  buf
unsigned int  addr
unsigned short  size
unsigned short  wait
byte  dirty
struct read_req_t next

Detailed Description

Data read request structure.

Field Documentation

wiiuse_read_cb read_req_t::cb

read data callback

byte* read_req_t::buf

buffer where read data is written

unsigned int read_req_t::addr

the offset that the read started at

unsigned short read_req_t::size

the length of the data read

unsigned short read_req_t::wait

num bytes still needed to finish read

byte read_req_t::dirty

set to 1 if not using callback and needs to be cleaned up

struct read_req_t* read_req_t::next [read]

next read request in the queue

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