wiiuse Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
accel_t Accelerometer struct. For any device with an accelerometer
classic_ctrl_t Classic controller expansion device
expansion_t Generic expansion device plugged into wiimote
gforce_t Gravity force struct
guitar_hero_3_t Guitar Hero 3 expansion device
ir_dot_t A single IR source
ir_t IR struct. Hold all data related to the IR tracking
joystick_t Joystick calibration structure
nunchuk_t Nunchuk expansion device
orient_t Orientation struct
read_req_t Data read request structure
vec2b_t Unsigned x,y byte vector
vec3b_t Unsigned x,y,z byte vector
vec3f_t Signed x,y,z float struct
wiimote_state_t Significant data from the previous event
wiimote_t Wiimote structure

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