ir_t Struct Reference

IR struct. Hold all data related to the IR tracking. More...


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Data Fields

struct ir_dot_t  dot [4]
byte  num_dots
enum aspect_t  aspect
enum ir_position_t  pos
unsigned int  vres [2]
int  offset [2]
int  state
int  ax
int  ay
int  x
int  y
float  distance
float  z

Detailed Description

IR struct. Hold all data related to the IR tracking.

Field Documentation

struct ir_dot_t ir_t::dot[4] [read]

IR dots

byte ir_t::num_dots

number of dots at this time

enum aspect_t ir_t::aspect

aspect ratio of the screen

enum ir_position_t ir_t::pos

IR sensor bar position

unsigned int ir_t::vres[2]

IR virtual screen resolution

int ir_t::offset[2]

IR XY correction offset

int ir_t::state

keeps track of the IR state

int ir_t::ax

absolute X coordinate

int ir_t::ay

absolute Y coordinate

int ir_t::x

calculated X coordinate

int ir_t::y

calculated Y coordinate

float ir_t::distance

pixel distance between first 2 dots

float ir_t::z

calculated distance

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