wiiuse File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
src/classic.c Classic controller expansion device
src/classic.h Classic controller expansion device
src/definitions.h General definitions
src/dynamics.c Handles the dynamics of the wiimote
src/dynamics.h Handles the dynamics of the wiimote
src/events.c Handles wiimote events
src/events.h Handles wiimote events
src/guitar_hero_3.c Guitar Hero 3 expansion device
src/guitar_hero_3.h Guitar Hero 3 expansion device
src/io.c Handles device I/O (non-OS specific)
src/io.h Handles device I/O
src/io_nix.c Handles device I/O for *nix
src/io_win.c Handles device I/O for Windows
src/ir.c Handles IR data
src/ir.h Handles IR data
src/nunchuk.c Nunchuk expansion device
src/nunchuk.h Nunchuk expansion device
src/os.h Operating system related definitions
src/wiiuse.c General wiimote operations
src/wiiuse.h API header file
src/wiiuse_internal.h General internal wiiuse stuff

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