src/io.c File Reference

Handles device I/O (non-OS specific). More...

#include "definitions.h"
#include "wiiuse_internal.h"
#include "io.h"

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void  wiiuse_handshake (struct wiimote_t *wm, byte *data, unsigned short len)
  Get initialization data from the wiimote.

Detailed Description

Handles device I/O (non-OS specific).

Function Documentation

void wiiuse_handshake ( struct wiimote_t wm,
byte *  data,
unsigned short  len  

Get initialization data from the wiimote.

wm  Pointer to a wiimote_t structure.
data  unused
len  unused
When first called for a wiimote_t structure, a request is sent to the wiimote for initialization information. This includes factory set accelerometer data. The handshake will be concluded when the wiimote responds with this data.

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