joystick_t Struct Reference

Joystick calibration structure. More...


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Data Fields

struct vec2b_t  max
struct vec2b_t  min
struct vec2b_t  center
float  ang
float  mag

Detailed Description

Joystick calibration structure.

The angle ang is relative to the positive y-axis into quadrant I and ranges from 0 to 360 degrees. So if the joystick is held straight upwards then angle is 0 degrees. If it is held to the right it is 90, down is 180, and left is 270.

The magnitude mag is the distance from the center to where the joystick is being held. The magnitude ranges from 0 to 1. If the joystick is only slightly tilted from the center the magnitude will be low, but if it is closer to the outter edge the value will be higher.

Field Documentation

struct vec2b_t joystick_t::max [read]

maximum joystick values

struct vec2b_t joystick_t::min [read]

minimum joystick values

struct vec2b_t joystick_t::center [read]

center joystick values

float joystick_t::ang

angle the joystick is being held

float joystick_t::mag

magnitude of the joystick (range 0-1)

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